Whether your business is large or small, or are filing individual taxes, let S&A Partners assist you to minimize you tax liabilities and maximize your cash flow


One of the most crucial elements managing your business cash in-flows and out-flows are your income and taxes.
Taxation is an extremely complex and challenging avenue in accounting. Fortunately, we can provide you with a complete service solution for your individual, business and organizational needs.

We are always aware of the most current tax legislations which helps identify essential tax planning opportunities that reduce your current and future tax liabilities to a minimum. This also helps in safeguarding your earnings and assets. We take a proactive approach and depending on the diverse and complex requirements of each of our clients, we strategize our solutions accordingly.

Our services include:

  • Tax consulting and minimization
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) appeals
  • U.S. Tax Compliance
  • Estate & succession planning
  • Canada-U.S. cross border tax planning services
  • Tax planning for regulated professionals
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Tax Provision Services
  • Commodity tax planning (GST, HST, PST, QST)

When to seek Professional Tax Advice

Some circumstances when it is crucial to seek professional tax advice are:
  • Exploring tax minimization opportunities
  • Purchasing a real estate or a business
  • Selling an important asset
  • Considering global expansion
  • Planning and executing an “exit strategy” from your business
  • Planning for retirement and for the distribution of wealth to your estate
  • Planning for your business to emigrate from or immigrate to Canada
  • Changes in government tax legislation or regulations

Tax Consultation & Minimization

At S&A, we proactively advise on ways businesses, organizations and corporations can
effectively manage their income and capital taxes such that they may maximize their profits and minimize tax liabilities. We also provide various services that assist in managing your tax exposure within Canada or the U.S.

Managing CRA Correspondences, Negotiations & Appeals

Are you receiving letters from CRA? Are you filing a return late? Fortunately, we can help provide you a custom service solution.  On behalf of our clients, we have negotiated numerous tax settlements with the CRA.  

Whether you have received correspondence from the CRA, are in negotiations with the CRA or are filing taxes for previous years, we will provide you with the help you need. Contact us today via phone or email! You may even drop by our office and we will assist you through the process.

An appeal to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can be very stressful. However, S&A Partners can manage the process from beginning to end.

The final result: you can focus on your business while we handle what is often a very disruptive process. We have a great track record of positive results at all appeal situations.

U.S. Tax Compliance and Planning Services

At S&A, we select opportunities to analyze your U.S. tax exposure such that the necessary
and appropriate returns are filed. We assist in planning for cross border activities and also ensure that you meet the requirements to minimize your tax liabilities. Before finalizing any plans about your business participating in cross-border activities, speak with one of our advisors such that we may help you minimize your tax exposure to the U.S. Tax regime.

Tax Planning for Regulated Professionals

S&A Partners can assist you to retain a larger portion of your earnings and safeguard your accumulated capital. In order to successfully and efficiently retain your overall business cash flow, it is essential to properly manage your income taxes.

If you wish to maximize your income by minimizing your tax liabilities, S&A Partners can
work with you to preserve your personal wealth through implementation of efficient tax structures and methodical planning that works in the best interest for you.

Estate & Succession Planning

At S&A Partners, we assist in taxes that arise upon death and strive to maximize the wealth that will be passed on to your heirs. We plan for this in advance by frequently reviewing, and reassessing your assets to help establish potential tax liabilities and probate fees after death. Also, we ensure your plan meets your personal objectives, whether it is to minimize capital gains and probate fees such that you may maximize the value of your estate.

We also assist business owners to explore tax – beneficial opportunities that allow their
loved ones to continue leading the family business.

Nonetheless, if you wish to place an exit-strategy, our team can assist you to do so while implementing tax efficient strategies that maximize your after tax proceeds from the sale of your business.

Corporate Reorganizations

Various businesses consider corporate re-organizations for a variety of reasons. Some of which may include:

  • Protection for assets
  • Security for the retained earnings of your business
  • Simplicity of estate planning
  • For the accommodation of changing conditions
  • To re-evaluate current corporate structure

Tax Provisions & Corporate Tax Returns

Foreign owned Canadian subsidiaries have to report to the parent company such that they may compile the financial reports.

S&A Partners offers tax provision services on a quarterly, semi-annually, or annual basis. We also provide corporate tax returns on an annual basis.

In order to learn more about how our team could provide you with a tax service that you require, contact us today via phone or email. You could also visit us at our Oakville location.

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